A five day training intensive with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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A five day training intensive
with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

October 23-28, 2018
Loveland, Colorado
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If you  have an outgoing flight the last day of the training that leaves at or after 4:00pm, you can take the event airport shuttle, known as “The Fun Bus.” They leave the Ranch at 12:30pm and 2:30pm.These charters fill quickly.  Shuttle payment is non refundable, and we cannot transfer this to another training. 


Hotel Shuttle


If you are staying at the Residence Inn in Loveland and have booked your accommodation through Sunrise Ranch, you can take the hotel shuttle to and from the Ranch each day. The shuttle brings you to the Ranch in the morning and returns you to the hotel after the last session at night. The shuttle schedule will be sent to you before the training start date. Shuttle payment is non refundable, and we cannot transfer this to another training.



  • All cancellations must be in writing. 
  • Cancellation of deposit:  $100 fee per person if cancelled before the cancellation deadline of July 15th. After this date, non refundable.
  • Cancellation of full tuition more than 60 days before the training:  $100 fee per person.
  • Cancellation within 60 days of June 6th: $300 fee per person
  • For cancellation  within 30 days of October 23rd: $500 per person
  • For cancellation within one week of October 23rd or for failure to show up to register, no refund will be given
  • By registering for this training you are agreeing to all guidelines and cancellation fees.
  • Refunds may take up to three weeks to process and may be paid by check.


  • Transfers can be made up to 3 weeks before training begins
  • Transfers are one time only and non-refundable
  • A $100 transfer fee will apply to all transfers.
  • Transfers have to be made at the time of cancellation and for the same training the following year.



ART AS A SACRED ACT is Dr. Estés' signature training which she first taught long ago at institutes throughout the United Staes, but has not taught in three decades or more.

Here today, is once again an opportuity to be with a teacher who is herself also a painter and printmaker for decades, with one-woman shows, but moreso, a keeper of literally hundreds of what she calls 'painted blessing journals' filled with her art and words. And for the first time since 1980, she will teach you with gentle encouragement and clear and simple techniques, your own way to your own painted journals "for self knowing and for blessing the beauty you are, wounds, gifts and all."

The training is specifically calling souls who have no experience in arts-- but who carrry a longing, and who would like a new way to see and discover self truths, 'the guts and glory' of your true self.

Dr. Estés will help you 'to see' shadow and gifts, and to express the collective and personal unconscious through marks, natural materials, symbols and simple exercises she has designed and time-tested.  These will provide multiple opportunities for you 'to truly see true self', and to mend certain fractures and wounds of the past, to help complete current endeavors, and to clearcut through any psychic jumble, laying concretely, new paths for one's future endeavors.

She will teach step by step drawing from her many years' experience working with artists in psychoanalysis, how to mediate the idea "I can't draw," to bypass ego and the ideas that stop you in your tracks.  You will explore the landscape of psyche, you will take any event or feeling, or wound, and by exercises about making marks to delineate those, you will mend and bless yourself forward.

ART AS A SACRED ACT will give you and an opportunity to discover a new relationship to the dark places, stuck places--areas of your life you thought you knew and understood but might continue to trip you up, via what Dr. Estés calls, "I thought I already worked on that syndrome." And new ideas, gifts and events needing a bit more meiding, might occur spontaneously, also. Now forming different views than before, some of which may surprise you, this work wil certainly deepen your understanding of self and the worlds you walk in, and your innate creative force.  It will also return you to your original inspiratus, that is your own visionary force that is only yours, deriving not from 'out there,' and not derivative of anyone else's work, but yours alone, so that what you place/make is unique  to/from you alone--not in any way swayed by the overculture, nor ego.

Using 'mark-making' as Dr. Estés calls her expressive arts training, that is artful and simple methods with words or not, accompanying--you will learn to go deeper and deeper past what you already know about yourself, and bypass the blocks and attitudes we have been taught about ourselves--ones that disguise us rather than help us to fly free and wild.

For those who sign up, there will be a short supply list of specific, simple materials required for this training, for you to bring with you.


How to map your own psyche, literally.
How expressive arts can open into parts of true self, repressed, forgotten, abandoned.
How to identify false self/shadow self--both dark and light.
How to get past the idea you can't draw so you can't keep a journal/have to close off a powerful form of expression.
How to keep a journal that has meaning and richness for you, and how to continue this creative act for life, as you wish.


Persons with a desire to bypass mind and not just look, glance, but immerse, deeply into their own psyche.
Persons who are genuinely ready and hoping to know more of their own truth--or calling, and of occlusions.
Persons who are new to art as a new medium to explore the psyche.
Persons willing to drop illformed attitudes and mal-ideas about themselves that are not true, and take on, as Dr. Estés says, "those strenghts and verve that are truly their birthright."


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