The Mysterium: Psychology... in the Truest Sense of the Word


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A 5-Day Intensive for Helping Professionals
With Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Wednesday, May 27-Monday, June 1, 2015
Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado
CEU's available
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In this five-day intensive training for helping professionals, Dr. Estés will immerse you in achetypal cross-cultural techniques that can be integrated into any form of healing—including developmental, depth, analytical, cognitive, and the expressive art therapies.


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Continuing Education Credits


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Certificate of Completion
The Mysterium: Psychology....In the Truest Sense of the Word

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A 5-Day Intensive for Helping Professionals
With Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

May 27-June 1, 2015
Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado
CEU's available

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Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés is an elder of psychology whose offerings have transformed and greatly enhanced our collective wisdom. In this one-of-a-kind training, she invites you to learn new and old methods for healing the psyche and spirit—in ways that fully embrace our innate giftedness, individual wisdom, and the treasure of our human imperfections. The Mysterium: Psychology… in the Truest Sense of the Word is a rare opportunity to learn directly from this living resource as she offers core tools for expanding your daily practice—“For mending up the part of the world soul within your reach,” and for enriching your own life.

The psyche is like a lush and mysterious collection of gardens and wild fields. Though we cannot control all the weathers that nurture or batter us as we grow in the life-death-life cycles during “life in the field,” we can map and find treasure in the infinite complexity of the roots that twine beneath the fertile soil in the vast collective unconscious. Thus, by seeing “from the aerial view” as Dr. Estés coined the term, and “by also inquiring up close and ‘down to the bone’ we can tap into the rhizome, the force of energy at the center of the psyche that – as in the great trees and flowering and fruiting plants—remains glowing and alive even under the snowy ground.” We can learn the unique tools and powers to tend to our soul’s fullest flowerings and wildest twinings. As teachers, therapists, healers, and helping professionals, we take the role of gardeners and tenders to the fields of the psyche, nurturing those who seek our guidance so they may thrive in any season of life  … with heightened vision, intuition, creativity, love and insight. With The Mysterium: Psychology… in the Truest Sense of the Word, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés offers you a special training in the use of her invaluable insights and methods she has used for four decades to help others cultivate and nourish the fertile psyche deeply planted with all manner of amazing gifts and life stories.


In this five-day intensive training, Dr. Estés will immerse you in analytical techniques that can be integrated into any form of healing—including developmental, depth, analytical, cognitive, behavioral psychology, and the expressive arts. Drawn from depth psychology principles and enriched with Dr. Estés’ rich ethnic background of healing practices from her refugee and immigrant elders, plus her 40 years of experience as a psychoanalyst, poet, cantadora (keeper of the old stories), and keen explorer of visible and invisible aspects of life… her perceptions and time honored techniques give a map to The Mysterium. As she sees it, The Mysterium is  “a living paradigm in which biology, psyche, spirit, soul, heart and mind and body all have their own fertile ground, their own intertwined root system wherein one affects the other …with strong potential for each aspect separately and together to be nurtured into greater being, that is… to be burnt away into greater being, to be cleaned out and mended into greater being, to be loved by oneself into greater blossoming of consciousness and individuation… thereby becoming, as one gathers more years and keeps one’s heart, mind and hands to the work, ser humano, a venerable, humble, and fiercely full… what the old believers call, ‘a true human being.’”  Through a variety of approaches including dialog, story and commentary, Q & A and practicums, we will explore key elements of Archetypal and Cross-cultural psychology. Each training focuses on three major areas.


Advanced Dream Interpretation

This professional training will cover advanced dream analyses:  bodily, psychic and storymaking aspects of how to interpret one's own dreams and the unconscious contents of dreams of those one works with.  We will learn and practice dream analytics, specifically how dreams powerfully comment and advise issues of health, relationships, life conflicts, imbalances, and triumphs of many kinds. Every morning, as is her tradition, Dr. Estés will provide an in-depth practicum during which she may ask for volunteers to work with her on their own dreams, while the class observes and learns--and then practices with one another. There will be time to ask questions.

The Stories and Myths of Your Life: Theory and Practice of Fairy Tale Scripting

The Life Script of Fairy Tales, mythos, films, videos, games, comic books and children's stories...One story at least, a favorite, likely stayed with you from childhood, and you went back to it time and again.  The stories from childhood are precious to us as conductors and maps. Stories are often absorbed by the very porous psyche of the child. Being impressionable, often the child integrates the actual trajectories of the favored story, for the child to follow in life throughout all of adulthood.  This may be good, but it may also need analysis and ammendment to make sure 'the old script' still serves the person as they walk in the world now.  And if not, to re-write in a sense, the old story script to value and enhance life now and in the future.  Dr. Estés will teach how by using the most beloved and remembered stories from childhood, we can help people see where they are in their life script--the impasses, the challenges, the tasks required, the outcomes.  Dr. Estés will offer practices both motivational and transformational in nature.  Her time-tested exercises in her clinical practice over the last 45 years can help to reveal a person's main prohibitions from childhood, their main gifts, and the presumed outcome of their life story as written by the child self long ago.  We can use this delving to help people see where they  are  and what is next--by deconstructing the 'favored story'--keeping what works and finding other pathways for the rest. Thus people can see and hear about what of the story was useful and what might have inhibited their lives. Dr. Estés will offer an effective tool for re-writing of the script as well. 

Stories, Archetypal Images, Cross-Cultural Features and Applications of the Tarot

In the late 1970's, as part of her doctoral research on archetypal imagery motifs found in ancient 'traditional medicine' healing practices worldwide, Dr. Estés formulated and tested what she calls, 'projective healing techniques.' These 'techniques' called back the use of universal achetypal images from many cultures, to help tell/re-tell the individual's and group's  soul story, to highlight through imagery, the healing pathways, to see the unconscious content one carries, the strengths inherent and the 'not yet strong' parts of a soul's and the group's journey. Similar to Jungian typology and the Enneagram, each of us carries particular archetypal content, and also in us is every archetypal energy found represented symbolically in the face images of the far older Tarot decks.  This is not 'fortunetelling' nor the helper/healer 'giving readings.'  This is a stand alone technique/ceremony held in sacred time, for the seeker to see for themselves, projectively, what and how and why, according to their own soul's sensibilities, for strength, knowing and healing.  Thus, seeing this symbolic 'grace-net' of ancient images' cross-culturally and archetypally helps create an encompassing view of people across the world, as well as with personal life, with friends, families and  work.  This way of looking at our universalities through images helps us see each other and remember the animating force in all of us that is greater than each of us.   Dr. Estés will discuss two image cards per night from her unique perspective.  There will be a full demonstration, and then learners will work in dyads on a practicum exercise.  There will be time for questions and answers.

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