Dark Night of the Soul: Rising Up into the Light
A five day training intensive
with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés
October 16-21, 2018
Sunrise Ranch, CO 

CEU's available 


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$1395 tuition (accommodations and meals not included)

"The most difficult endeavor is not to create something. The most difficult endeavor is not even to begin. The most difficult is to keep rowing all the way through to completion. And this, in spades, is the content of the night-sea journey... making the descent to true self, nourishing the work from that locus of control, and completing the work. Then beginning the next, and the next... and completing them."

Dr. C.P. Estés, Creative Fire manuscript


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 Registration Deposit Option

A deposit will hold your place at the event. If you put down a deposit, the balance must be paid by August 16, 2018,  to assure a place in the training. After July 16th only full tuition payments will be accepted.  For questions about tuition please contact Nona at 303-443-5858.

Original Voice 2018 Tuition Deposit (non refundable after July 16, 2018)

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Original Voice 2018--Pay Balance: $895 by August 16th, 2018.


Continuing Education Credits - Original Voice 2018


A link will soon be provided to register to receive 28 Continuing Education units for Original Voice. Please attend all the classes for five days to receive your CEU's. Please be sure to sign in at the registration table October 16th and pick up your printed instructions. Thank you.

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Hotel Shuttle


If you are staying at the Residence Inn in Loveland and have booked your accommodation through Sunrise Ranch, you can take the hotel shuttle to and from the Ranch each day. The shuttle brings you to the Ranch in the morning and returns you to the hotel after the last session at night. The shuttle schedule will be sent to you before the training start date. Shuttle payment is non refundable, and we cannot transfer this to another training.


Event DIA Shuttle


If you  have an outgoing flight the last day of the training that leaves at or after 4:00pm, you can take the event airport shuttle, known as “The Fun Bus.” They leave the Ranch at 12:30pm and 2:30pm.These charters fill quickly.  Shuttle payment is non refundable, and we cannot transfer this to another training. 


Certificate of Completion - Original Voice


Register to receive a Certificate of Completion from Clarissa Pinkola Estés' Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute, for the training. Please attend all the classes for five days and be at the last class on Sunday to receive your certificate. So sorry, but certificates cannot be mailed to you after the training.



The intention in creating in-depth Original Voice® trainings is to help directly 'untie' in learners their held-back and knotted up creative functions; to explain what fear of creating truly is made of [not what most might guess], what success is in its many guises, and ways to lay any los diablocitos [little devils] to rest; to calm the ego, and especially to re-bless the soul, so each person can carry through one's callings and dedication to creative life.  Our stories, callings, and works yet to be completed--or begun--are all there, deep inside the psyche, often in many years readiness, if only one can follow through with each step.

In this new Original Voice® training, Dr. Estés will offer the distinct archetypal motifs she has gleaned from  San Juan de la Cruz/Yepes' ancient work called La Noche Oscura, The Dark Night. She will teach the ten transformative steps to re-esemble oneself in most effective order, so as to be the strongest force of creative soul and vision in both worlds.

The first step into the transformative creative force is sometimes called "the sickening"....this is, the ego asking the question, "Is this all there is", and the soul answering, "Go to your true meaning."  And the ego, wandering about, wondering "How? Where? When? Why? Who? What?"

The other nine steps, time out of mind, and proven effective, are those that lead to a migration of the psyche to 'another land'---where the soul is 'ensouled' firmly in the person, and one's loyalty changes from 'the false love' to visions for/about true self that are sharp, anticipatory, and protected.

This is a gentle invitation to the learner for a transformative, hands-on training with a seminal thinker in crosscultural, archetypal psychology, and effective ethnic healing modalities in the modern world.  Original Voice® learners will be given many of the same practices Dr. Estés developed to bring her five books, twenty five original spoken word audio series, and countless paintings into the world.

  • Summoning of the highest creative force in your own  psyche, in order to become fully creative without barriers.
  • To sturdify the future by preparing  methods for meeting the inevitable challenges that come from within and from outside oneself.
  • Calling:  To know what your genius [in Greek, translated as 'angel'] wants for and from you, and how that fits the greater mind's plan.

"....as it ought be for every soul, for you are a treasure-filled being, come to earth  and walking amonst us, I believe, as 'a blessing filled with blessings'--for self and for our world.  The longer I live, rather than becoming uncertain, I do not believe, I know, that all souls are born gifted, and are meant to be so, for the sake of the Heart and Soul of our World."

I hope to see you face-to-face soon.
with love,
dr. e 

This training intensive on Original Voice® is not psychotherapy nor a substitute for psychotherapy. A brief interview, part of the registration process,  will be required of all new students. Thank you.


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