Four Heroic Tasks (that must be mastered)

A five day training intensive
with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

 September 26-Oct. 1, 2017

Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado
CEU'S available

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$1395 tuition

"The most difficult endeavor is not to create something. The most difficult endeavor is not even to begin. The most difficult is to keep rowing all the way through to completion. And this, in spades, is the content of the night-sea journey... making the descent to true self, nourishing the work from that locus of control, and completing the work. Then beginning the next, and the next... and completing them."

Dr. C.P. Estés, Creative Fire manuscript


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Continuing Education Credits - Original Voice 2017


A link will soon be provided to register to receive 28 Continuing Education units for Original Voice. Please attend all the classes for five days to receive your CEU's. Please be sure to sign in at the registration table September 26th and pick up your printed instructions. Thank you.

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If you are staying at the La Quinta hotel and have booked your accommodation through Sunrise Ranch, you can take the hotel shuttle to and from the Ranch each day. The shuttle brings you to the Ranch in the morning and returns you to the hotel after the last session at night. The shuttle schedule will be sent to you before the training start date. Registration is non refundable.


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If you  have an outgoing flight the last day of the training that leaves at or after 4:00pm, you can take the event airport shuttle, known as “The Fun Bus.” They leave the Ranch at 12:30pm and 2:30pm.These charters fill quickly.  Non refundable. 


Certificate of Completion - Original Voice


Register to receive a Certificate of Completion from Clarissa Pinkola Estés' Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute, for the training. Please attend all the classes for five days and be at the last class on Sunday to receive your certificate. So sorry, but certificates cannot be mailed to you after the training.


2016 Training Overview--DETAILS FOR 2017 TBA

Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forest dark,
For the straightforward pathway had been lost 


So begins Dante Alighieri masterpiece, Divina Commedia, Divine Comedy. Why do these poem lines continue to resonate across time as one of the greatest archetypal stories ever written?  Dr. Estés says it is because Dante brilliantly captures the essential experience many of us must go through to reclaim True Self and Original Voice.

With her 2016 Original Voice training, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés invites you to join her on a journey through the layers of Dante's Hell in order to better understand one's own journey.  This Hell is not a required punishment or eternal torment, instead it follows the natural rites of passage that most creative souls must go through.  As in Dante's poem, the path to creative work and wholeness, sometimes called heaven, often takes us through similar circles of Hell.

How We Lose Our Ways to Free the Creative Soul

Dr. Estés reveals her study of how Dante's story is a map of the psychology of creative life.  "Dante's 'dark wood' is a world he doesn't understand, " teaches Dr. Estés, "but it has depth.  It's frightening, because it takes him away from the usual world."

As you'll learn, each of Dante's Nine Circles of Hell contains wisdom for the creative journey.  Through vivid metaphor, the poet illuminates the ways we become trapped and entrapped in our identity.  In this training, Dr. Estés will lead you on an investigation of each circle, providing the remedies for getting unstuck, renewing our energy, and reclaiming the vision of our own life.

In Dr. Estés' research, she has determined the archetypal elements of the journey by Dante.  "It is about the massive set of endeavors, obstacles, and blasting through in each of our lives that can be called 'the Return,' that is, freeing the Soul from complex thickets and backward thinking, the thorn hedges that nail us into the past only.  All these cause us to wither in creative spirit.  And we are not meant to live in that condition.  The Return means to see the torment points clearly, and to  free ourselves from them, in order to unfurl one's fullest, radiant calling and creative work on Earth."

She has mapped in the motifs of Dante's work, critical archetypal pathways that she will teach learners to use to help them see, retrieve, and hold in what she calls, "compassionate consciousness" the ways of noting--and living out--one's own personal one-of-a-kind ways to make the Return to True Self.  "In the beginning of the narrative, Dante consciously fears [like us of modern times] that he has ruined much [as we also think we may have] by falling into a 'low place' (basso loco)  of self abnegation and distractions [which we have done somewhere in life a little or a lot], where the sun has become silent ('l sol tace) [we too have felt 'darkened' and lost sometimes or often enough--these being signals to begin again].  But suddenly a kind of Angel appears, and bedraggled Dante is rescured by Virgil, [and later Beatrice, Spirits of Beauty] who helps the Lost.  And together, they begin their journey to the underworld to reclaim True Self, but this time in strength, life-giving insights, but/and without illusion."

Original Voice is an invitation for a transformative hands-on training with a seminal thinker in crosscultural, archetypal psychology, and ethnic healing modalities in the modern world.  Over the course of these five days, you'll join Dr. Estés to explore:

  • The Stages and Passages of Life--the good, the scary, and the invaluable
  • How we establish a toehold for True Self during the first half of life
  • When the second half of life begins--not at a specific age, but at a natural place in life when you lose certainty and ask: "Am I doing the right thing?" "Is this all there is?" "How can I bear what I see in this world?
  • How we can tune into the voice of the soul when our old life stops providing satisfactory answers
  • What lies out of sight--getting past the personal roles, self expectations, and cultural influences that keep us trapped
  • The Nine Circles of Hell--what each one means, and how they are vital to our creative journey 
A Path Through the Underworld and Beyond
Descent into the underworld is one of the most powerful stories in history--echoed in the myths of Persephone, Psyche, Innana, and as told by the artist Dante, and countless more.  The fearsome imagery of these tales reminds us how vital the journey is to each of us--and how much courage wil be needed.
The quest to discover our true identity is the most intimate, personal journey we will ever undertake.  Yet as Dante revealed, we do not have to take it alone.  The angel Virgil appears to him to guide him through the underworld.  Through dialogue and training practicum exercises, Dr. Estés will help you recognize where your guidance is coming from, and what unrecognized helps you are being offered.  "Infierno ends with optimism," teaches Dr. Estés.  "It is the most compelling of Dante's stories because it takes us into the hidden heart that is not being lived completely.  We can still see the stars from Hell.  It is there where we find the hidden heart.  When we understand how we got to Hell, we can undertake the slow climb out of confusion, illusion, and pain and find our Paradise--the place where we are whole."


This training intensive on Original Voice is not psychotherapy nor a substitute for psychotherapy. A brief interview will be required of all new students. Thank you.


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