The Five Heroic Tasks of Full Creative Life

A five day training intensive
with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

 September 26-Oct. 1, 2017

Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado
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"The most difficult endeavor is not to create something. The most difficult endeavor is not even to begin. The most difficult is to keep rowing all the way through to completion. And this, in spades, is the content of the night-sea journey... making the descent to true self, nourishing the work from that locus of control, and completing the work. Then beginning the next, and the next... and completing them."

Dr. C.P. Estés, Creative Fire manuscript


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Guided by Dr. Estés you will explore the five heroic tasks of fulfilled creative life--tasks that capture the essential experiences we meet in order to reclaim true self.  She will teach what needs to be mastered in order to become unstuck and move forward in full freedom.


--Dr. Estés has mined the Greek stories of The Symplegades, the clashing rocks, in which one must use imagination to pass between them safely;
--Charbydis, the creator and destroyer who reveals mountians  and also, to those unaware, sucks the life out of wayfarers; in the psyche this symbolizes an energy vampire;
--The Nashua/Mexica.Aztec cosmology of Xipe Toltec; the flayed god who teaches sacrifice, shedding of old life, and resurrection of new life--which is required as root stock in creative life;
--The 12th century Old English story of the Cockatrice, that which is a psychological doppelganger to self-defeat, for it can kill by sight, yet there are ways to defeat this killer of ideas and ideals;
--And from the Mexican/Puebloan mythos, The Battle of the Skeletons in the Land of the Dead, to be understood as battling the past, one's complexes that mean to defeat by phantom thinking, the beauty of fresh ideas.

Together, these five elements rise from some of the oldest myths of heroic quest for creative life and to live in true self. In these particular stories, warnings about time spent in the presence of certain monsters, proper attitudes, and thereby effective conduct, and trusted allies to be taken up with...are given to the heroes over and over. If they do not listen, or are too unaware to take action, or are lazy, unbelieving of the power of the moment or the protection needed, they are injured, or they die.
In myths and tales there is most often, however, resurrection, new life. And this is brought to bear by the heroic seeker having to create a strategy to come against the fierce forces, to meet them face to face instead of ducking away--and thereby extinguishing one's own light. In this training with Dr. Estés, a long time creative, prolific person over her lifetime, we learn there is a time to rest, a time to calm and gather oneself, a time to note the wild rising in oneself, a time to face oneself and tell the harsh and gracious truths needed...in order to face the monstrous forces and harness or defeat them...and also  to all the time fasten oneself to one's angels. All in order to create one's 'one-of-a-kind' life and work.
You will note our own compelling ideas that relate to your own Original Voice®, your further journey to living in true self, being unfettered as ser hermano, a true human being with wild creativity in tact...and showing above ground.
Some people can become stuck in the idea they do not have time to be creative. Dr. Estés teaches there is time to do it all, that every day you can make measurable progress. She will give you a way to do this and methodologies that work for you.
  • Intervention of the higher force in your life in order to become fully creative
  • To sturdify the future by preparing with a method for meeting the inevitable challenges that come from within and from outside oneself
  • Calling:  To know what your future wants, and what's going to fit the great mind's plan
  • The cost for following your calling, the cost for not following one's calling
  • To identify the ghosts of the past and stand up to and defeat them
  • How to measure your progress with your chosen creative work at hand, so that perfectionism and ennui do not steal your works meant to be, rather that they are brought forth, made visible in all good ways.

Original Voice® is an invitation for a transformative, hands-on training with a seminal thinker in crosscultural, archetypal psychology, and ethnic healing modalities in the modern world.  

A Message from Dr. Estés

Dear Souls:
"I will with your good grace, lead you on an investigation of hidden meanings and signs in your own life that allow you to pinpoint the exact places you are stuck and why. I will  provide remedies for getting unstuck, renewing your energy, heeding the warnings to protect your creative life, and to head your soul's vision of your own life. This quest is a natural rite of passage. And the often difficult challenges for the creative soul must be granted effective solutions and ways of progressions, of which the cultural blight of perfectionism or 'daydreaming one's ideas to death,' are not acceptible.

"The Five Heroic Tasks of Full Creative Life presented for you, is a heroic journey, a strong path to fulfillment and wholeness, through seemingly impassable terrain.  But trust, this is for the wildly creative--whether project building, writing, singing, designing, inquiring into, creating a force to reckon with....a necessary set of passages. With endurance, courage, and perseverance, we come back to true and wild self, true and wild home. That home place of our true origin is where one-of-a-kind creativity is incubated, born and emerges.

"As it ought be for every soul, for you are a treasure-filled being, come to earth  and walking amonst us, I believe, as 'a blessing filled with blessings'--for self and for our world.  The longer I live, rather than becoming uncertain, I do not believe, I know, that all souls are born gifted, and are meant to be so, for the sake of the Heart and Soul of our World."

I hope to see you face-to-face soon.
with love,
dr. e 

This training intensive on Original Voice is not psychotherapy nor a substitute for psychotherapy. A brief interview will be required of all new students. Thank you.


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