Craig Barnes

Craig.pngOnce a civil rights lawyer and negotiator in international disputes, author Craig Barnes draws on a wealth of professional experience and personal adventures to write his critically acclaimed books.He has worked as an infantry officer, a hodcarrier, a trial lawyer, a lobbyist, and a columnist. He initiated the Sunshine and Sunset concepts in Colorado legislation, was co-counsel on the Denver school integration case and the nation's first comparable worth case for women. 

Barnes negotiated nuclear issues in the 1980's with leaders in the Kremlin's Academy of Sciences. in the 1990s he facilitated talks in the ethnic cleansing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan and he led successful talks to fashion the first transboundary water agreements between the new republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbeckistan, Tajickistan, and Kyrghzstan. 

His childhood memoir, Growing Up True, featured life in Arapahoe County in the 1940's and won Barnes the Colorado Book Award in 2001. His historical study In Search of the Lost Feminine explores archeology and patriarchal myths and was winner of the USA Best Books award in Cultural Anthropology in 2006.  Barnes' most recent book, Democracy At The Crossroads, is a study of the centuries-long conflict between democracy and feudalism, and won the Indenpendet Publishers 2010 Gold Medal in History Award. His play, A Nation Deceived, featured Ed Aisner as the prosecutor of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for lies and war crimes; it was performed in Santa Fe and Los Angeles and is available o DVD.


Craig Barnes is passionately involved in the sweeping tumult of history. He hears--and brings alive--the crash, flood, and charge of both ancient and recent history, as cultures collapse and nations struggle to survive. His talks have epic scope, whether he's searchig for the ancient matriarchies after millenia of patriarchal rule; or examining the clash of the rule of law and civil society with feudalism as it plays out today in nations run by kings, plutocrats, oligarchs, and sheiks.

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