Joe Gandelman

Joe.pngJoe Gandelman, founder and editor-in-chief of centrist hub The Moderate Voice, is a leading political and current events blogger and a veteran journalist. With his balanced commentary and commitment to providing a forum for reasoned, thoughtful opinion, he stands out amid the din of the blogosphere as an influential and authoritative source of news and analysis. He has appeared as a pundit on CNN and MSNBC, and The Moderate Voice has been cited by many media watchers, including Daily Beast commentator (and former aide to Rudy Giuliani) John Avlon, who lists Joe among the top 25 most influential centrists in the country.      

Prior to founding the Moderate Voice, Joe worked as a freelance reporter overseas and domestically as a staff reporter for the Wichita Eagle Beacon and the San Diego Union. His work has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Baltimore Sun, Miami Herald, San Diego Tribune, Sydney Morning Herald, and on NPR’s All Things Considered, among others. He has written for Pajamas Media, The Huffington Post, is a weekly columnist for The Week, and is a syndicated columnist on MSNBC's His articles and commentary have appeared in more than 50 publications.

A versatile and gregarious personality, Joe has an unusual sidelight, performing as a family entertainer across the country. In fact, his face is one of those in “The Great Ventriloquists” trading card series.

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